Let’s Make Some Apple Pie… With Fireball!

Fireball Apple Pie

Apple Pie is America’s favorite dessert (well, aside from maybe a glass of good bourbon.) It’s warm, has a rich, buttery flavor, and is made by our grandma. It’s the best. Have you ever wanted to take a slice of apple pie and put it in your glass? Well, thanks to Fireball, now you can!

The recipe for this video came from Vegan Yack Attack. I think it’s the brown sugar and cinnamon rim for the cocktail glass that takes this drink to the next level. You can make it without it, but it won’t be the same! This drink is simple to make and would be great to enjoy with friends around a campfire during the fall.

Cinnamon Sugar Rim

As I mentioned, the brown sugar and cinnamon coating on the rim of the glass takes this drink to the next level. It’s really easy to do this with any glass and a bit of water. This cocktail rimming trick can be used for any cocktail (try it with salt when you make margaritas!) To rim a cocktail glass, just dip it in a bowl of water to wet the top. Then, dip it in your coating! The coating will stay stuck to the glass as you prepare (and drink) your cocktail! This can also be done ahead of time so that they are ready to go when it’s time for drinks!

While not included in the title, this drink is actually a great three-ingredient cocktail (see other three-ingredient whiskey cocktails)! This drink is also very versatile. Don’t have apple juice? Mix in apple cider! Don’t have vanilla vodka? Use plain vodka! Need a bit more heat? You can always add more Fireball!

  • Apple Juice – 4 oz.
  • Fireball – 1 oz.
  • Vodka (vanilla preferred) – 1 oz.

Fireball is one of our top-selling spirits in the store! We will definitely be exploring more drinks that can be made with it in the future. Thanks again for reading, and enjoy the holidays! We will see you again next week.

Until then, cheers!