Spice Up Your Favorite (Or Not So Favorite) Seltzer

White Claw Lime Seltzer Spicy Margarita

Seltzers have arrived and are here to stay. It seems like a new flavor, brand, or type of seltzer arrives in our store every week. Truly, White Claw, Bud Light, Boulevard, Corona, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, and so many more brands now have a line of seltzers. And that’s just the beginning. If you thought 2020 was the year of the seltzer, just wait until 2021 gets into full swing. Seltzers aren’t for everybody though. You may not like the fruity flavors. Maybe you’re looking for something with a little more kick to it. You might even be overwhelmed by the variety of choices. Fortunately, there are ways to take your seltzers to the next level, especially with this Seltzer Spicy Margarita.

Buzzfeed posted this article in 2019 highlighting several recipes that can be made by using White Claw seltzers (but you can you any seltzer brand that you have.) For this week’s episode of Be Your Own Bartender, I made the White Claw Lime Seltzer Spicy Margarita. But, instead of making just one batch, I doubled the recipe. I think that this recipe would be great to serve at parties, and doubling it gives you just the right amount to share with guests.

White Claw Lime Cocktail

Lime flavored seltzer seems to be the favorite amongst all of the brands. Most variety packs include lime as one of their standard flavors. To make the Seltzer Spicy Margarita, you will need two cans of lime seltzer. You will also need a jalapeno, tequila, triple sec, lime juice, lemon juice, honey, and salt. Find the full recipe here!


Check out the entire Buzzfeed article to find inspiration for more drinks that you can make with seltzers. Let us know if you find one that you would like for us to feature on the channel. Thanks for reading. We will see you again next week with another video of fantastic recipes for you to try.

Until then, cheers!